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The metals we recycle at Clovis Recycling LLC are:

• Clean Copper and Insulated Copper
• Lead
• Red and Yellow Brass, Brass Radiators
• Aluminum( Cans, Aluminum Radiators, Anything that is Aluminum)
• Aluminum Copper Radiators
• Heater Core Radiators
• ACSR Wire
• Converters
• Die Cast
• Stainless Steel
• Scrap Metal, Tin
• Lead Batteries (Car Batteries)

Clovis Recycling LLC has been in the business of battery recycling since 1991.

Clovis Recycling LLC maintains all applicable state and federal certifications needed for battery recycling. Our level of expertise in this area renders us as your best source for battery recycling.

Our family-owned, family-run business was incorporated in 1991. We have built a reputation based on honesty, regulatory compliance and excellent customer service. Y hablamos español!

One of our specialties is batteries recycling, but our company also recycles copper, brass, radiators, scrap metal, tin and cardboard (no plastic).

At Clovis Recycling LLC, our goal is to inspire you to become an environmental champion and recycle as many materials as you can. We are all in this together! The preservation of an environmentally safe world for future generations will only be made possible through the combined effort of all of us.

Join the Clovis, New Mexico area environmental bandwagon and call Clovis Recycling LLC for your battery recycling today.

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