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Recycling | Clovis Recycling  - Clovis, NM

When most of us think of recycling, we think of aluminum cans, plastic water bottles and grocery bags. But the truth is that you...

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Metal Recycling

Metal Recycling | Clovis Recycling  - Clovis, NM

Clovis Recycling is the leading buyer and seller of ferrous and nonferrous metals in Clovis, New Mexico. Whether you are selling...

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Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling | Clovis Recycling  - Clovis, NM,NM

Clovis Recycling has been in the business of battery recycling since 1991. We handle all kinds of battery recycling, including...

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Welcome To Clovis Recycling

Clovis Recycling is a recycling center in Clovis, New Mexico. We are family-owned and family-operated, and we have been in business since 1991. We recycle copper, brass, scrap metal, tin, cardboard, bottles and cans, wood and pallets, batteries and lighting.

For many years, environmentally conscious citizens have been on a mission to convert discardable materials and waste into resources that can be used. Recycling prevents pollution, saves energy, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions, as well as lowering the need for landfills.

At Clovis Recycling, our team of environmental champions are available to answer any questions and to receive your recyclable materials during extended hours Monday through Saturday. Y sí, hablamos español!

We want to encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible, and we make it easy by having extended hours at our drop-off recycling center. Our other goal is to serve residents of communities that do not have a recycling program and do not pick up recyclables curbside.

Clovis Recycling also handles large metal appliances and hazardous materials, such as batteries and oil. Call us today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about your recyclables.

The friendly and courteous staff at Clovis Recycling will assist you will all your recycling needs, including scrap metal. We recycle copper, brass, aluminum, and scrap computer parts. If you have any scrap metal lying around, bring it in to Clovis Recycling. Join the growing number of environmental champions in Clovis, New Mexico!

Call Clovis Recycling in Clovis today to find out more about our recycling program. Each of us can contribute to making our earth greener, free of greenhouse emission gases, and to reducing our landfills and our environmental pollution! It’s a worthy endeavor and we make it convenient for you to do! Don’t delay—call us today.

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